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    I’m a 25 years old male and I’ve been trying to lose weight through exercise for the past three months without any significant success. I’m currently at 220 lbs (5’11) with 28% of body fat. I just started following a strict diet and was wondering if any of you guys had a list of exercises targeted to burn belly fat.

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    hi Mike, from all the research ive read online, losing lower stomach weight is one of the hardest spots for men. i havnt had much luck myself, but what i read was to do lots of running and drink 8 glasses of water a day… you can also injest fat burners in the morning to give extra help… im sure you will be able to find plenty on this site

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    Luc is right, keep on the heavy cardio and try some of the fat burners available on the market!
    Let us know how things work in the next couple of months.

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