Whey Protein Supplementation for Weight Loss

February 3rd, 2015
whey protein for weight loss

In the course of getting into top notch shape, a lot of people add whey protein shakes to their training routine.  These shakes add much needed protein to your diet, which helps build that lean muscle you are working for.  Whey protein has shot to the top for its protein content but what about its ability to burn fat?

Testing Proof

Whey protein does help burn unwanted fat.  The US Department of Agriculture did a study comparing 3 types of protein shakes.  They were whey, soybean and one with high carbs.  They had 3 groups and each were given a certain shake to drink.  They had no idea what they were getting and all had the same weight and physical activity.  At the end of the test, the group drinking the carb shake had gained weight.  The soybean shake group had maintained the same weight.  The whey protein group had lost an average of two pounds and an inch off their waist.   This testing was done on middle aged adults who do moderate to low amounts of exercise.  Can you imagine what your weight loss would be during intense training?  Another reason people in the USDA study had lost weight was due to low levels of Ghrelin.  Ghrelin is a hormone that regulates food intake.  The lower the level in the blood, the less hungry you are.  All the people drinking the whey protein were found to have significantly lower levels of ghrelin in their blood.  None of the other groups had this.  Although they are unsure exactly why this happened, it was a definite factor in the weight loss of the whey protein group.

Calorie Replacement

The American Journal of Medicine has shown that people who drink whey protein shakes increase their lean muscle mass and burn off fat.  When you are trying to gain muscles during training, the best source of protein is whey protein.  You lose the fat and gain the muscle.  Whey protein is only 100 calories.  If you were to keep your meal calorie intake under the recommended daily allowance, meal replacement is an excellent way to start.  The daily recommended calories for women is between 1800-200 calories.  For men it is 2400 to 3000.  Using a whey protein shake for a mid-day meal and one before or during a workout is only a scant 200 calories and a HUGE boost in protein.  Not only is it a boost of protein but it is loaded with amino acids which pile on the energy.  Fill the rest of your meals with low-fat, high protein whole foods and you will be bringing your weightless goals to fruition a whole lot faster.  Another option to promote weight loss is when you know you are going out to eat or to someone else’s house for dinner.  Drink a whey protein shake beforehand.  It is a win -win for both you and your host.  You will not offend them by not eating and you will not blow all the work you’ve been doing.  You will eat less and the whey protein will help you metabolize some of the unwanted fats in the foods you eat.

Whey Protein Bonuses

100% pure whey protein is a much healthier alternative to other protein shakes.  Along with adding muscle and burning fat, it has no artificial sugars or colors.  No hormones, chemicals, or sugars to be found in it at all.  It is loaded with anti-oxidants and gives a healthy energy boost.  It has 9 essential amino acids – no other protein powder can make this claim.  The average energy drink has over 100 calories and is loaded with sugar and chemicals.  It gives you a short window of sugar induced energy and is incredibly bad for your body – some reports of heart attack after combining energy drinks and exercise.  Whey protein gives a naturally, long lasting, good-for-your-body energy source. According to the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee with the US Department of Health & Human Services, whey protein is recommended for people with chronic fatigue syndrome. They also recommend it for men and women undergoing cancer treatments to supplement what their body loses during treatment.

The energy proof is there.There is no other protein powder that can claim energy boosts, weight loss and fat loss.  Beef protein isolate can give you protein but is loaded with powdered beef gelatin which comes from the bones and hooves of beef cattle and does not help you lose fat.  In fact, most beef protein powders are loaded with artificial flavors and sugars.  No thank you.  Soy protein is good for you, but it doesn’t promote weight loss and is not as easily absorbed into the body as whey.  The group of people who benefit most from soy would be vegans.  Even people who are lactose intolerant can take whey protein but some opt for soy to avoid possible stomach upset.  They are the only groups that have reasons to not take whey protein, and those are by choice, not necessity.

There is no other protein powder that is going to give you all the benefits that whey protein powder can give you.  The combination of amino acids, anti-oxidants, high protein, and low to no fat, no sugar or any other additives is incredibly beneficial on its own.  Add to that the fat loss and whey proteins benefits cannot be surpassed.  Keep in mind, when searching for the right whey protein, that you only purchase and use 100% natural whey protein.  There are always imitators and scammers out there who will fill their product with fillers to make an extra buck.  Don’t be fooled and check the labels.

Despite its amazing qualities, whey protein powder is not a miracle in a can.  Meaning you cannot simply take some and expect jaw dropping results.  Without exercise and eating healthy, nothing will get you fit.  Whey protein, a solid training routine and eating whole foods like vegetables, fruits and lean meats will increase your health, energy and fat loss.