What’s The Scoop on DMAA?

April 16th, 2015

DMAA is one of those substances that many people want, even though red flags have been thrown.  In the past, it has been deemed illegal to be sold as a nutritional supplement.  It is a high octane stimulant that has garnered the same concerns and reactions as Ephedra.  The FDA has not made it illegal, yet in all forms – in fact, you can still get it in certain allergy and asthma meds from your neighborhood pharmacist (without a script). But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is something you should run out and buy.  It can cause high blood pressure which the FDA and others feel is a Segway into other heart related issues.  It is something to keep in mind.  Many in the bodybuilding world love the effects of a good old fashioned stimulant, and still seek that focus and energy that they got from DMAA.  There are two up and comers that may end up on the chopping block if the FDA gets their way, but, for now, they are out there.  There is Dendrobium, which is much lighter than DMAA but does give some good results and there is AMP Citrate which is garnering good reviews.  Until the research and testing is complete, it is best to try to get your focus elsewhere:  green tea and yohimbe are a couple of all natural focus boosters.  Safe is best, natural is best and those are two qualities that the FDA can’t dispute.