What are the best types of fat burners?

March 26th, 2015
best type of fat burner

With the amount of research and testing and desire for a miracle fat burning pill, it has now surpassed the fountain-of-youth as the number one quest for millions of people.  First and foremost, it needs to be explicitly expressed that there is no one miracle pill or supplement that is going to make fat burn and fade away. Now that you have digested that disappointing fact, let’s move on to more realistic options.  Though these may not make it disappear, with healthy diet and plenty of training and exercise, these supplements can be put to use to help with fat burning.  As with all supplements, some will work better than others and you might need to try different ones or a combination before finding what works for you.

1)  Caffeine.  Caffeine is not the first thing that comes to mind when discussing fat burning.  The thought is more of energy and mental alertness pops up though.  Believe it or not, caffeine is a metabolic booster.  This is shown to be true in people participating in regular exercise (not for couch potatoes). It is also noted that caffeine improves strength performance.  It slightly reduces the perception of pain while working out and increases the calcium to the muscle cells.  This equals power.  It also has been shown to delay muscle fatigue and increase endurance.  This is good news to a point.  It has to be noted, though, that after a while a tolerance will be built.  This will require going off caffeine for a month before adding it back to your training regime.

2)  Yohimbine.  Yohimbine is a fat burning compound.  It is a proven, researched way to lose fat.  Yohimbine itself can potentially induce fat loss vicariously through the release of adrenaline.  Even after the adrenaline spike wears off and the buzz is gone, it still continues to burn fat.  It is safe but those taking prescription medications need to seek physician’s advice as there might be a possible interaction with some medications.

3)  Snynephrine.  Remember Ephedra?  Well this is Ephedra’s less potent family member.  It will produce the same effects as Ephedra but on a smaller scale.  While it can boost your metabolism, the same adverse effects as Ephedra can happen WHEN MISUSED.  More is not always better.  Reducing calorie intake will increase the results.

4)  Capsaicin.  You know what pepper spray is and you know how it heats up and burns anything it touches.  Good news, that same pepper also is a metabolic wonder.  It is a fat scorching machine.  It is proven to burn fat and what’s even better, you don’t have to eat the pepper as it is now a capsule.  This is probably one of the most natural substances that has a truly fat burning effect.  If you are in to self-torture and like eating these peppers, have at it.  You’ll be losing fat while your eyes water and mouth burns.  Otherwise, stick with the capsule.

5)  7-Keto DHEA.  7-Keto DHEA is a metabolite of DHEA that is nonhormonal.  It is a fat loss agent as it increases the metabolic rate.  This has been proven to increase metabolism which increases fat loss.  This is a newer discovery and may be harder to locate as the study was fraught with issues from those discovering it – too much money to be made and too many disagreements.

6)  Mucuna Pruriens, or Velvet Bean.  Mucuna Pruiens effects the hormones – can increase testosterone and contains L-Dopa.  This has been proven to have some positive hormonal effects post work out but it must be stated that due to the amount of L-Dopa in Mucana Pruiens, dosage is of utmost importance.  Too much can cause Dyskinesia or abnormal motor control.  It will cause Parkinson’s type symptoms.  Use with caution and according to directions.

Some fat burners are definitely well worth the effort of adding to your training routine.  Some, probably will need more study and may not be quite worth the risks.  Whatever supplement you decide to use, take seriously the cautions and dosages.  The thought that just because something is natural means it is less harmful is pure ignorance.  Most of the pharmaceuticals today were modeled on or still use natural plant substances as their base.  Plants do not equal safe.

When it comes to fat burning, there are supplements that can help but the bottom line is effort and calorie intake.  Increase your workouts and lower your calories.  Eat healthy and get enough rest.  All these things will increase your fat loss results and help whatever supplement you go with work that much better.

One of the most important things to remember with supplements is purity.  Be sure you are purchasing a reputable brand in a reputable store or site online.  Weight loss is a HUGE money maker these days – using bogus products and slapping on a label can net the unscrupulous hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Check the ingredients and check out the manufacturer online.  Supplements coming from Canada and Europe are under heavier purity restrictions than the rest of the world.  Be leery of mass produced oriental products as they have recently been found guilty of filling supplements with everything but the kitchen sink.  Take supplements as seriously as you do prescription medications.  Consulting with your physician is always a good route to take and check for medication contraindications.

Remember that the fat burning you do is going to come mostly from the work you do.  A little help can be achieved with supplements but there are no miracle pills.