What Are Antioxidants?

April 21st, 2015

Antioxidants have been brought to the forefront of supplementation.  Their unique properties, especially when found in natural sources, are helping to encourage a healthy diet beyond the idea of just eating fruits and vegetables for their vitamins or fiber.

As of now, the antioxidant supplements that are out there, have been researched and the positives have been found but research is still ongoing.  When a vitamin, like A, C, or E is labeled an antioxidant, for most it is thought of something that is good for you but not sure what that is.  Different antioxidants target different things and each have their own possible side effects and some can cause severe reactions if correct dosage is abused.  Supplementation should be guided by a physician – especially if you are under a physician’s care for an ailment or disease that causes you to take prescription meds.  There are mild to severe drug interactions and taking supplements should be taken seriously.

Finding your antioxidants in food sources is still the best and most natural way to obtain the desired antioxidants.  Not only to you get a specific antioxidant in your system, but, you also get other positive benefits.  For example, a food may contain high levels of vitamin D, which helps bone health and is an antioxidant, but, depending upon the source, you may also get protein or fiber or other beneficial nutrients – all at once.  Supplementing is good when the level needed is not met with food, but getting your antioxidants through food sources is the most natural and healthy way.