USPLabs announces new protein powder: Modern Protein!

February 27th, 2015

USPLabs have announced they will once again add a new supplement to the competitive market of protein powder. After a busy year, notably from launching 2 of their new supplements: Modern Creatine and EpiBURN Pro and the rebrand of OxyELITE protein, the brand decided to go ahead  and launch a brand new protein powder called: Modern Protein! USPLabs have leaked a few pictures from the upcoming protein powder and from what we see, you can expect a really high quality whey protein. From the info we got, Modern Protein will feature 3 forms of proteins:  milk, whey and hydrolyzed whey isolate. From what we can see, this won’t be the cheapest protein available. However, the quality on this one will be off the chart. First, for any lactose intolerant people, this will be a great protein powder to have – no bloating or stomach ache. As for the flavors, we can expect the conventional chocolate and vanilla flavors. We don’t have any more info for the buddies wanting to know the launch date. We’ll definitely keep you posted on this great protein powder.