Six Star Pro Nutrition Complete Rebrand

February 3rd, 2015
six star pro nutrition new look

A few days ago, Six Star Pro Nutrition started teasing about something big that was going to happen to the brand. We initially thought they would come out with new supplements but just recently learned they are going for a total revamp of the brand. As spotted in the picture above, we can immediately see what has been going on with Six Star Pro Nutrition makeover.

However, after surfing their website, we noticed there is missing a few supplements from the family. Muscle building milkshake, mass gainer, vitamin sport packs and pre-workout ignition are all missing. Are they going to be back with a new look? We’re even thinking that their new pre-workout “Fury” will take over the old pre-workout’s position!

We can also spotted a new supplement called “Amino Endurance” that has been added to the current selection of supplements. We will make sure to keep our website up-to-date with these new images and of course keep you posted with the lowest prices on Six Star Nutrition’s supplements.