Scivation finally confirm complete makeover of Xtend BCAAs

February 7th, 2015
scivation xtend bcaa new look

Over the last few weeks, Scivation has released some bit of information about recent developments. After announcing the new Xtend Go, a BCAA + Energy drink mix, they finally revealed a brand new look for the original Xtend BCAA supplement. We do not know if this new makeover will apply to all their supplements but we do know they are adding some new flavors to the mix! From the picture released from Scivation, we can easily see 11 different flavors of their best seller Xtend BCAAs. They also confirmed they will not touch the formula as it is already a very good one. One question remains. We do not know if this new look and flavor selection will be exclusive to one single store upon its release. It does not look like it will be so far with no publicity from any of our partner stores. We will keep you up to date with the launch date and new flavor selection as soon as we get the info! Stay tuned for more.