Nutrabolics new logo as part of complete rebranding

February 26th, 2015
nutrabolics rebrand

It seems that almost all supplement companies are currently undergoing a complete makeover. And Nutrabolics is another company currently engaging in a complete rebranding of their whole supplements. We were able to put our hands on the first wave of informaiton released by Nutrabolics. As we can see in the image, the brand has made pretty important changes to the new logo. Not only did they add a small icon to the logo, they have also changed the font of the letters. It seems the only thing that stayed the same is the red dot on the i in Nutrabolics. While this is the only info we got so far, we can expect a little more of the rebranded labels just by looking at the new logo. It looks like they will put a special emphasis on the neon yellow patterns and go with more flashy modern labels. Like all other companies, Nutrabolics are saying you will be blown away by their new look, something that is not a really big surprise since their last labels we’re pretty straightforward. We are eager to see the final result and will keep you posted with the info as soon as we get our hands on more.