Nova-X confirmed as new Gaspari Nutrition’s test booster

February 21st, 2015
gaspari nova-x

Today, Gaspari Nutrition announced what their new testosterone booster is going to look like and be titled from what they had announced a little over a week ago. It goes as Nova-X and it will replace the original Anatropin testosterone booster. The name was inspired from their already good supplement Novedex XT and seems like it will join it as a part of a new line of supplements. We hope Nova-X will get as good as what Novedex delivers. Unfortunately, we have no information on its content yet. However, we think it is a promising new test booster since it is indeed the first supplement to hit the shelves under the new Gaspari Nutrition’s rebranding. From the front sticker, we can see customers will no longer get the highlights of the supplements with key ingredients. Again, with the Arnold Classic right around the corner, we can definitely expect to have more information during the expo weekend. We sure do like the new label from Gaspari and hope it will reflect in the ingredients quality. ┬áStay tuned for the release date.