New innovative supplement by MuscleTech – Phosphamuscle

February 18th, 2015
new muscle tech supplement

When MusceTech announced their “Clear Muscle” supplement, the world was eager to see what they had for us by developing  this new supplement based on BetaTOR® (Free acid beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate).  Overall, the results of clear muscle were divided between people who had great success with it and others that couldn’t see what was going on. Again, MuscleTech have announced a new and unique supplement to enter the supplement world. They call it PhosphaMuscle and it is a Phosphatidic acid based supplement. This new supplement will be added to their Performance Series and is still unclear on what results we can expect from it. Looking at the supplement company Iovate, which MuscleTech is the parent company, already have 2 supplements based on Phosphatidic acid: Fuel:One’s PhosphaBuild and Phosphatidic Acid. If Phosphamuscle is to look the same on paper as these cousin supplements, we could see a 50% blend of Phosphatidic acid and other supplements. Phosphatidic acid is said to increase mTOR signalling (which causes the growth and repair of muscle) by over 6 times compared to baseline.  We are still waiting for more information on the other ingredients they will put in this new Phosphamuscle supplement but we will definitely keep you updated.