Neogenix reveal mystery supplement: Velocity 3.0

February 23rd, 2015
New velocity 3.0

Last month, Neogenix previewed a mystery supplement teasing us with only a blurred image of the bottle. We had no information pertaining to this new supplement. We suspected they were going to update an existing supplement as they have been doing this lately with other supplements. While Neogenix have already updated their 2 pre-workout supplements NeuroSurge and BodyForge, they went the exact same way with their fat-burner now titled Velocity 3.0. Other than giving its fat burner a new name and new look, Neogenix went a step further and changed the formula. They kept the same caffeine/thiamine mix although they reduced the dosage a little bit down to 125 mg and 112.5 mg accordingly. They have also replaced the other old ingredients with more popular ones like yohimbine HCL and ALCAR.  The new Velocity 3.0 has also decreased in size now offering   60 caps per bottle instead of 90. However, the dosage stayed the same. Online stores are currently updating their product page so we’ll make sure to keep you informed with the lowest prices on Velocity 3.0 online.