MusclePharm announces new Hardcore Series line of supplements

January 26th, 2015

Friday afternoon, the supplement giant MusclePharm announced a new line of supplements that will be called the “Hardcore Series”. ¬†They have already confirmed 3 supplements from this new line of which we find a pre-workout supplement called “Wreckage”, a post-workout supplement called “Gainz” and a protein powder called¬†”Diesel”. It is too soon to know what kind of ingredients we will find in their new supplements line but, apparently, there will be no proprietary blends in the upcoming supplements. MusclePharm have decided to adopt a 100% transparency attitude on this line so we should be able to know every little ingredient they will put in their supplements. Now THAT’S honesty brought to a new level in the world of supplements. Of course, we are eager to find out how “Hardcore” this new line will be. Stay tuned for more news regarding this new Hardcore Series from MusclePharm.