Maximize weight loss with L-Arginine

March 11th, 2015

More and more people are turning to supplements to help with their health goals.  L-Arginine is not a new supplement, as it was isolated back in 1886, but, in regards to its health benefits, it has recently burst on the scene.  Scientists are finding that it is a powerhouse of health benefits.  It has a huge range of applications from migraines to thwarting hair loss.  One of its most significant uses is in the realm of weight loss.  There is sufficient evidence that L-Arginine can truly help you lose weight.

L-arginine is found in red meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products.  It is something you get in your daily diet if you include these.  It is an amino acid and extremely important to overall health.  L-arginine is able to be produced in the lab – thus able to be made into a highly effective supplement.  Some people in the weight lifting scene know of L-Arginine as it is often coupled with creatine.  L-Arginine actually helps your body produce creatine and excrete the by product.  You actually do not need to take the two together but it has been suggested, instead, to take creatine before and L-arginine after.

L-Arginine boosts levels of nitric oxide (NO) and HGH (human growth hormone). The boosting of the nitric oxide is the key to L-Arginine’s success in weight loss. The nitric oxide’s primary function is to dilate blood vessels.  A wonderful secondary effect was found to cause weight loss.  It increased the lipolysis or fatty acid metabolism, which effected the adipose tissue.  In other words, it works on that tire around your waist.

When a person is checked for obesity, the most common and accurate way is by checking the waist circumference.  This is where the belly fat sits – which is the most harmful type of fat deposit.  You will often see people who may have thin legs and arms and even chest, but will have a “gut”.  This particular fat deposit is particularly hard on your heart.  This is also one of the hardest places to lose the fat.  This is why L-Arginine is such a breakthrough.  It works on this particular adipose tissue specifically.  The result is a loss in waist circumference.  In a study by Mayo Clinic, not only did the participants lose inches around the waist, but also lost pounds on the scale.

Part of this may be due to the fact that not only does it attack the adipose tissue, but, it also releases the human growth hormone.  HGH is something that people have been using over the past few years due to its weight loss effects.

If you decide to take L-Arginine to lose weight, there are a few factors to consider – good and bad.  The good news first:  L-arginine has some other effects on the body that are very beneficial.  It increases blood flow which is may help in reducing heart disease and angina symptoms.  It is also being tested on people who have blood clots and pain due to poor circulation in the legs.  So far the results are very good.  It has been shown, when coupled with ibuprofen (which is an anti-inflammatory), to relieve those who are suffering from migraines.  Another effect, that has gotten some people excited, is it has some properties showing a boost in sexual endurance.    Most of these positive effects are presently being studied, researched and tested with results to be published soon.

Now, for the bad.  Unfortunately with a lot of medications and supplements, there can be side effects.  The first is a doozy BUT only to those who have a lot of allergies.  Those prone to allergies could possibly have a reaction, anaphylaxis shock that can be serious.  This has not been shown to be an issue in healthy individuals.  People who are on high blood pressure meds or blood thinners must consult their physician before adding L-arginine to their training/health routine.  Nitrates are also an issue and warrant an ok from your physician.  Along with the possibility of increased sexual endurance is the thought of piggy backing L-arginine with Viagra or other erectile dysfunction meds.  Bad idea.  This causes serious blood flow to the sexual organs which can lead to heart problems, passing out and other side effects.  These are not to be taken together and L-arginine does NOT help with erectile dysfunction.

Other than the effects of mixing meds and L-arginine, there has not been an issue with safety.  It is an amino acid that your body produces a bit of, but must be supplemented with other sources (red meat, poultry, and fish).  Some people’s bodies are unable to produce enough L-arginine and so supplementation is a must.  Vegetarians are another group who lack L-arginine and who must supplement with a lab made supplement.

The weight loss industry is a huge industry.  Unfortunately, most of the weight loss claims are completely fabricated and are simply a tool used to separate people from their money.  Messing around with pills and powders that have not been researched or checked by the FDA, can not only hurt your wallet, but, more importantly, hurt your body itself.  Most of the fake weight loss meds are filled with benign, useless fillers, to keep from injury and possible lawsuits.  But there are some, such as Ephedra, who have caused serious lifetime complications and even death.  Fortunately people have begun to accept the fact that there is NO MIRACLE PILL out there.  It takes good, healthy eating habits, consistent exercise and getting enough sleep to get yourself in shape.  There are healthy, natural supplements that can be used to help increase the results of your training.  L-arginine is definitely one of them.  It is an excellent source of a needed amino acid, it has been proven to help in the loss of waist circumference and pounds.  It has a myriad of good side effects that can help improve your overall health.  As with any supplement, a check with your doctor is best and using a pure product is a must.