Manly skincare

April 23rd, 2015

Sweat is a part of your day – you train hard and getting sweaty and stinky is part of the deal.  Then, hopefully, you shower.  This constant stream of sweat, dirt and bacteria coupled with a rigorous scrub down post-workout is brutal on your skin.  No doubt, guys don’t chat about skincare – just not real high on the list.  But, the truth is, you need to do a bit extra to keep it in as good of shape as the rest of you.

Don’t worry, it’s easy.  First, any soap will do.  You do not need Irish spring or Axe or any specific anti-bacterial soap (all soap is anti-bacterial).  Your hands are a convenient scrubbing tool, but, a couple of times a week a rough sponge is recommended.  It helps clear the dead skin away and keep pores unclogged.  Second, you need moisture.  Having baby’s butt smooth skin is not necessary but keeping your skin hydrated is.  Dry, cracking, bleeding skin is not only creepy and unattractive but can be uncomfortable and open yourself to a host of bacteria.  Good news, you don’t need to go buy lotion – instead, get a bottle of pure, liquid vitamin E. Step out of the shower stream and take a quarter size to 1/8 cup of the oil and rub into your skin. Give it a minute to soak in then pat dry or air dry.  Done.  This will also help prevent breakouts and heal your skin.  You’re done.  Your skin is clean and protected.

Manly skincare at its finest.