Is Creatine For Women Too?

January 30th, 2015

Browsing through the internet or your local GNC, it can be very confusing to choose a supplement – especially for women.  Most supplemental products are geared toward men.  However,  as with weightlifting itself, the world of supplements is slowly evolving for women and Creatine is leading the way.

What is Creatine?

The most important factor of any supplement is to find out what exactly it is.  Only then can you understand what exactly it will do for you.  Creatine is defined by The Merriam Webster dictionary as:

A white crystalline nitrogenous substance C4H9N3O2 found especially in vertebrate muscle either free or as phosphocreatine “

Okay, that may be a little detailed, but, in layman’s terms it is this:  A white powdered supplement used to enhance workouts and increase muscle gain.  It naturally occurs in the body and is a safe, non-steroidal amino acid.  So it is natural (you already have some in your body) and it is not a steroid.

As a woman, how will Creatine help my workouts?

As a woman, it will do for you what it does for a man or any human being for that matter because, we all have muscle tissue.  This is how it works.  When you begin your workout, your muscles contain a bit of creatine already.  The creatine is sent to your muscles from the Liver.  Once there, it converts to creatine phosphate.  This creatine phosphate is used to replenish your Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP.  ATP is what gives you the quick energy needed when doing heavy reps.  So why use creatine if you already make it?  When you burn ATP, yes, your body will eventually replace it, but by taking creatine, it gets replaced much faster.  This allows faster replenishment of ATP.  More ATP=More quick energy=Stronger muscles.  You, in turn, have the quick energy needed to sustain a longer rep and recover quicker between sets.  That equals a better workout.

What about side effects?

So many women forgo supplements because they either think supplements are made for men or they don’t want to become more masculine. Fortunately, Creatine is neither just for men nor will you become a hairy beast.  Creatine has only one documented negative side effect.  You might gain a pound or two in water weight.  This is not to be confused with the type of water retention that so many women deal with during their menstrual cycle.  The water is absorbed by the muscles tissue equally more defined muscles.  That is it.  That is the only possible side effect and not everyone has weight gain.  So, no worries.  In fact, what you should focus on is Creatine’s positive effects – and there are a lot of them.

Creatine is not only for the muscles. It has been shown to improve long term memory and because of this, is being used in studies for people with Alzheimer’s.  There is also good news for women in their late 50’s and older who take Creatine.  Dr. Jeff S. Volek, Ph.D., R.D. states in one of his articles: “Muscle mass and strength peak between the ages of 20 and 35 and steadily decline after until the sixth decade of life when a sharp decline occurs.”  He goes on to say, “After just 7 days of creatine supplement, women between the ages of 58-714 showed a remarkable improvement in several measures of muscular performance.”

Creatine is also being used to treat hypertension, Parkinson’s disease and ALS – all diseases where muscle weakness is a central focus.  So, even if you are blessed not to have any of those diseases, you can rest easier in knowing that creatine has been studied by top physicians all over the world and they have confirmed its safety.  If their stamp of approval isn’t enough, you should also know that the Olympic Committee allows creatine use by the world’s greatest athletes because it is not a steroid and it’s safe.

Will creatine cause me to have bulging, huge muscles?

Very simply, no.  Women bodybuilders and weight lifters will not get pumped up or huge using creatine.  What will happen is they will become lean mean machines.  Creatine supplementation causes a chain reaction.  Your body reacts to creatine by burning ATP which is burning calories due to heavier weights and longer workouts.  The results are more defined muscles and less wiggly fat.  You get muscular but in a lean defined manner.

Some tips and thoughts to remember

When you use creatine, remember to buy only 100% pure creatine.  There are others with fillers and sugars – which is counterproductive to working out. Stick with the pure creatine.   Also, since creatine is not a steroid, if you stop taking it, you won’t lose the muscle mass you have gained.  You do not have to cycle creatine and can take it at any time of the day.  It does not have to be taken right before or after a workout, although that is what most people do.

On the days that you are not lifting, you can still take it.  Again, since it is naturally occurring in your body, the rules are a lot different than other types of supplements. Read this article we posted to know exactly how much creatine you should take. Taking too much or too little will be a waste of your time.  Follow the directions and you’ll be set. A lot of people want to know what brand and where to find it.  The brand really does not matter – the content does.  You can still check out the top rated creatine here.

Woman have entered the world of weightlifting with intelligence and force. They have learned that strong is awesome, defined is sexy and lean is where it’s at.  They know what they want for their bodies and are careful what they put in them.   Creatine can safely and naturally help any woman achieve her weightlifting goals. Go for it! You can find the lowest prices on creatine here.