iForce Nutrition Hemavo2 Max out in 2 weeks!

January 29th, 2015
Hemavo2 MAX by Iforce Nutrition

We, along with other pump fanatics, have been waiting eagerly for the launch of IForce’s new pre-workout supplement “Hemavo2 Max”. Like the name implies, it will replace its predecessor ┬áHemaVol. While the release date is still unknown, we know for sure it will come out within the next 2 weeks. According to our source, the first flavor-batch production coming out of iForce Nutrition should be heading out to stockists at the end of next week. Looking at the label, we can expect a pretty intense pump from this new pre-workout.

A lot has changed in the formula and ingredients used compared to the old HemaVol. First, some “pump” ingredients have been doubled like Agmatine and Glycerol levels. They have also added what the brand call a “strength and power amplification” which consists of Creatine nitrate, Creatine HCL and Betaine. They have also added Choline Bitartrate which is a cognitive support and DMAE (Dimethylethanolamine) which is known as a mind health compound.

iForce Nutrition Hemavo2 Max have indeed kept this new pre-workout stimulant-free but with some new added ingredients which should give you a little boost to go through your workout. Stay tuned for the full review!