Hyroxycut Hardcore Next Generation to Join MuscleTech Performance Series

February 19th, 2015

Last week, MuscleTech have made claims of a game changing, new generation fat burner with their new Hydroxycut supplement titled Hydroxycut Hardcore. It will take place in the performance series following the new Anarchy pre-workout. From the picture, we know it will probably replace the Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite since it would make no sense to have another Hydroxycut Hardcore supplement in this line. However, we do see one thing they add to the label. The term “Next Gen”. This leads us to believe there will be more supplements with this new “Next Gen” series tag. We might expect some more supplements implementing this line such as Nitro-Tech, Cell-Tech and perhaps other “old” supplements they carry. Knowing the Arnold Classic is just around the corner, it makes sens that MuscleTech are announcing the new Hydroxycut Hardcore. We can be 99% sure they will unveil all information at the fitness expo. We’ll keep you posted on all the details when we get our hands on it.