How to maximize your workout with pre-workout supplements

January 22nd, 2015

What you do pre-workout is important but it is a good idea to ensure you fit your pre-workout routine to your requirements. That means you need to consider what kind of pre-workout foods or supplements you need, what your goals are, and which supplements you should take.

If you want to burn fat, for example, you might want to take fat burners during your pre-workout. If you want to build more muscle or increase your stamina, then another type of supplement might suit your needs better.

Bodybuilding Components

Although some bodybuilders understand how to combine pre-workout supplements with other workout supplements, many do not. Getting the combination wrong can be a waste of money or counter-productive. It can even be dangerous, so knowing what to take, which dosage to use, and when to take it are all important.

A science-based approach to supplement combination makes the most sense, although bear in mind everyone’s body works differently, so what is suitable for one person might not necessarily be the best choice for another.

 Pre-Workout Supplements

Evaluate your pre-workout needs before choosing what supplements to take, regardless of whether your goal is to build muscle, lose weight, or something else. The point of taking pre-workout supplements is to maximize your time in the gym and improve the quality of your workout, helping you to reach your goals.

So take the time to learn more about your supplements and look at the ingredients to ensure you are not double-dosing on anything. What you are currently taking is not necessarily what you should be taking, so take the time to find out more.

What can you find in a pre-workout supplement? Well, some common ingredients include endurance complex, stimulant complex, vasodilation/pump complex , amino acid complex, and creatine complex.

If you wish to improve your endurance, for example, you might want to consider an amino acid complex rich in energy source-directed amino acids, but you will not want to get an amino acid supplement with the same amino acids which are not giving you endurance in the first place, because that is not going to work, so you need to have a good understanding of what works and what does not, and that might take some time to figure out.

Investigate more about the pre-workout supplements including the dosages, and you might find out you are not taking the correct things. A lot of pre-workout supplements are not effective, either in dosage or in ingredients. This is why rather than just buying the first supplement you find, you should instead research all your options. You might either need to change your existing pre-workout, add supplements to it, or change the supplements or dosages.

 How to Build More Muscle with Pre-Workout

The quality of your pre-workout is going to affect your overall performance during your workout. This of course is a major factor in determining how much muscle you build. There are supplements available which can increase your body’s muscle-building ability, with amino acids being a good example.

Bear in mind muscle-building amino acids such as leucine and other branch chain ones will not take effect until the recovery phase, so you will not need to take extra BCAAs pre-workout. However, if you supplement with leucine or other BCAAs right at the end of your workout, you can effectively gain extra muscle mass.

Aminolytes Intra-Workout Supplement

If your pre-workout already contains BCAAs and leucine, that is fine, and you do not need to add more. If you want to build more muscle though, adding BCAAs at the end of your workout is one option. Another option is improving the other aspects of your pre-workout supplements.

Intra-Workout supplements contain plenty of amino acids as well as ingredients to boost your endurance. Taking BCAAs in the middle of your workout means these super-anabolic BCAAs are going to start cellular uptake while your workout is coming to an end and the recovery phase is starting.

Burn Fat Safely in Pre-Workout

Although this can be a risky topic for those who do not know what they are doing, if you take the time to learn what is available and how these supplements work, you can make an informed decision. The risk factor is because a lot of fat burners and pre-workout supplements are stimulants, so taking both of these means putting a lot of caffeine into your system at once. Combine that with working out and your heart rate will soar, which is not a sensible thing to do at all.

If you do want to burn fat but in a safe way, you will want to know what ingredients are in the supplements you take and make a good choice about what to take. If your pre-workout is rich in stimulants, you should take stimulant-free fat burners. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), L-carnitine, green tea extract, and fish oil are just some recommended examples of stimulant-free fat burners you can consider.

Stimulant-free fat burners partition the metabolism of fat instead of other energy sources, rather than increasing metabolism directly. There is plenty of energy in fat, so you will have more endurance and energy during your workout, which you can consider an added bonus!

If you already have stimulant fat burners (thermogenics), you could take those on days you do not work out because they can still help you burn more calories. Half the people who use fat burners do not go to the gym and some of them lose plenty of weight by combining stimulant supplements with the right diet.

BCAA supplements and protein are beneficial to dieters because they allow you to maintain the muscle which helps to burn fat. Women are not inclined to put on heavy muscle, so if you are female and reading this, you can expect some attractive, firm curves instead of a masculine shape.

How to Get More Pump

If your pre-workout is not giving you enough ‘pump’ then it is time to figure out how to change your pre-workout so it does. Add in a pump supplement if your pre-workout does not already include a pump matrix. Another solution is to time a carb-rich meal several hours before your workout or else try increasing your water intake.

How Pre-Workout Supplements Boost Your Power

Although many people automatically think of creatine when hearing about power, and this supplement can produce plenty of power, that does not exactly mean adding creatine pre-workout is the best way to increase power. Creatine does not absorb easily, so if you want serious results you must take it well before you want to utilize its benefits.

 Getting the Best Pre-Workouts

By now, you will realize there are plenty of approaches and methods of improving the effectiveness of your pre-workout. There are various ways to reach your goals although it is important to note different people react differently to supplements, and what works for one person might not be the best solution for another. The first thing to do is evaluate your current pre-workout and then decide whether you are happy with it or whether it can be improved.

Timing is really important with supplementation and something you need to take seriously. You might have noticed we have not focused on discussing stimulants here, and that is because dosing up to higher levels is dangerous.

If you want a bigger stimulant push though, do not take more of the product or add other stimulants. The answer in that scenario would be to give yourself a break from stimulants altogether so your tolerance goes back to normal, or else look for a different pre-workout with a better stimulant profile.