Homeopathic Medicine – why the hate?

April 23rd, 2015
homeopathic remedies

It used to be that anything homeopathic was associated with hippies and charlatans.  The tonics peddled on the streets and plant-based medicines were not associated with intelligent care and surely would never be accepted as a true medical treatment.  As much as the idea of homeopathic medicine has been shunned, at least in the U.S., it is making a comeback and contrary to popular belief, is backed with hundreds and thousands of scientific studies.  Europe has long embraced methods of healing other than what pharmaceutical and traditional medicine prescribe.  Walk into an Apotheke in Germany and you are met with homeopathic remedies on the shelf.  The first line of defense is “natural” for them and there is a reason why.  The medicines are personalized – each individuals shortcomings, allergies, reactions, sensitivities, activities, family histories, present well-being and past are discussed and a remedy is made specifically for that person’s needs.  In this respect, the success rate is about 90 percent.

It isn’t just little pharmacies in Germany or Europe that embrace this (and have for centuries) but research hospitals around the US are using homeopathic medicine to help cure some of the most volatile and deadly cancers out there.  The Cancer Research Centers include traditional and homeopathic medicine in treating patients with early and late stage cancers.  The research is there and individual treatments, be it for everything from depression to diarrhea are being treated successfully all over the world with homeopathic medicine.   Investigate it and don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.