Colostrum Hoopla Banned

April 14th, 2015

In 2014, the MLB and USADA (the US Anti -Doping Agency) banned colostrum.  The reasoning at first was thought to be that it was harmful or dangerous.  This is not the case.  Colostrum is neither, but, does contain some growth hormone in it and was thought to mask the heavy duty injectable growth hormones that are explicitly banned.  Anyone testing positive was out of the game.  That has not changed, and it will show up on your drug test.  What is all the hubbub and hoopla about anyway?  Colostrum, which is still available and widely used, is an immune system boosting, allergy suppressing, muscle growing monster.  It is great stuff BUT if you are in the athletics realm where drug testing is a part of the game, you need to be off it.  You may also check with your employer as to what their thoughts are, if you are in a job that requires regular drug testing.  The point is simply that it is a monster hormone, but you have to be smart.  There are always going to be people shouting “it’s bad” and those screaming “it’s good”.  Know your body, know what you need and know what other factors (job, athletics, and competitions) that may be effected by your consumption of this product.  Don’t believe the hype either way.  As always, what works for one, might not work for you.  So, without any further findings about colostrum, there really is no need for the hoopla – its amazing stuff that can really be a positive to your overall health.