Cobra Lab’s new pre-workout titled Crystal-X

February 19th, 2015
Cobra Labs new Crystal-X pre-workout

Cobra Labs have announced a new supplement which will be added to their other pre-workout: The Curse. This new supplement is another pre-workout which is titled Crystal-X. Now, The Curse was a decent pre-workout and was fairly priced. It has been in the game for some while and we are not sure if Crystal-X is there to replace the old pre-workout or add a new dimension of pre-workouts to their supplement line. Considering Cobra Labs only have one supplement, we think this will be a replacement for The Curse. As for Crystal-X content, Cobra Labs have kept us in the dark so far. From the picture, we can see that this will be a 30 serving container, which is 20 less than the original The Curse and that each scoop will give 8 grams of the good stuff. We are hoping for some new information very soon considering this supplement has been in R&D for years now. One thing’s for sure, the label is pretty damn good looking. Hopefully, the content will not disappoint.