BPI Sports new ISO HD isolate protein

January 18th, 2015
Bpi Sports Iso HD

If you’ve been waiting for BPI Sports ISO HD new isolate whey protein, now is your chance to get it! BPI Sports unveiled their new ISO HD back at the Olympia with 2 confirmed sizes of 1.6 lb and 5 lb buckets. Their new protein is a mix of Whey Isolate and Hydrolyzed protein making it a perfect protein to use post-workout. With a whopping dose of 25 grams pure whey protein isolates + hydrolysates in a 32 grams serving of BPI SPORTS ISO HD, this new supplement is among the purest protein available on the market. On the menu, they have 4 confirmed flavors which are banana cream pie, chocolate brownie, vanilla cookie and cookies and cream.  BPI Sports came up with some pretty astonishing numbers like their 70 available servings in their 4.9 pounder bucket which makes it one of the highest servings if protein for the weight. Not only do you get high quality protein, but you also get a good bang for your buck supplement.

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