AST Sports Science come out with new and best value BCAA supplement

March 6th, 2015

It was during December 2014 that AST Sports Science announced they were coming out with a brand new protein powder. Just like MuscleMeds, they have decided to go on the path of beef protein. Their new protein powder titled Raptor-HD was to be one of many new supplements to come out under a brand new supplement series from AST called High Performance Series. Today, we got our hands on another piece of information regarding a new BCAA supplement in production they call BCAA-6K. As you may have guessed it, it will be a 6 grams serving size with a different ratio this time. They are ditching the 2:1:1 they used in the BCAA 4500 and moving for the less popular 4:1:1 leucine, isoleucine, valine proportions. They have also decreased the amount of capsules you need to ingest per serving. Instead of having 462 capsules, the new BCAA-6K will pack only 180 tablets but provide an almost equivalent total amount of BCAA (270 grams vs 300 grams). It  looks like it is enough for AST to bring down the price tag on its new BCAA supplement which is a great thing for the consumer. You can keep your eyes open for this new supplement since they announced they should launch it in a few weeks.