Applied Nutraceuticals tablet pre-workout NOvate

February 7th, 2015
Applied Nutraceuticals NOvate

A few weeks ago, Applied Nutraceuticals unveiled their new Innovative Series from which there is one supplement that separates itself from the rest. They call it “depth charge” delivery system and it is in their new pre-workout supplement. Applied Nutraceuticals new pre-workout NOvate comes in the form of a tablet instead of powder form like other pre-workouts on the market. Yes you read right, tablet pre-workout. Applied Nutraceuticals says the way it works is you put the tablet directly in a glass of water and then drink. Apparently, this new delivery system should dissolve within seconds and be ready for full absorption. Per tub, NOvate will have 90 tablets so we estimate that it will be good for 30 servings. As for ingredients, we only know that it will contain caffeine, but the patented Purenergy release form of caffeine. They say this form of caffeine should get you 30% more in your bloodstream than regular caffeine! We expect this new supplement to hit the market early March so keep your eyes open for our next News.