3 Supplements You Should Never Stop Taking

April 21st, 2015
Best time to take supplements

Supplements are often used on an as needed basis.  For instance, someone may have issues with dry and peeling nails.  They may take vitamin E for a few weeks until the problem is resolved and then stop taking them.  Women who are menstruating often take iron to combat weakness and the iron lost during this time period but don’t take it the rest of the month.  These are perfectly acceptable and each person is different.  There are, though, three supplements that everyone should be taking on a regular basis without fail.  Omega 3, Vitamin D and Whey Protein are three essential supplements that should be a permanent part of your daily healthcare.  Each satisfy areas that are most likely deficient in your diet and each have additional benefits that can only enhance your overall health.

Whey Protein   Commonly used by weightlifters and bodybuilders to increase muscle mass and increase protein, whey protein’s benefits travel way beyond those two benefits.  Whey protein is as natural a supplement as you can get.  It is made from the liquid excess of cheese making.  It’s dried to a powder and ready to be mixed with water and consumed.  Since whey protein comes from milking cows, the protein content is a given, but what you may not know is that it contains 9 amino acids.  These amino acids are what make whey protein so unique and effective.  Those 9 amino acids are incredibly important to your body.  Because your body cannot produce them, your body counts on you to ingest these proteins.  Those 9 amino acids that make whey protein powder so complete are also branch chained amino acids.  So what benefits are found in these branched chain amino acids?  Muscle protein synthesis, induces glucose uptake into cells, combats fatigue, increases fat oxidation (when combined with exercise), weight loss and reduced muscle soreness.  Whey protein is 100% safe – it is used in baby formula, weightlifting supplements and dietary nutritional shakes.  It is also being used in the treatment of breast and prostate cancer.  Whey protein, in several different treatments, has shown proof of its positive effects:  Allergies, appetite suppression and diabetes are just a few.   Areas still being studied that positive results are:  Acne, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), burn victims, cystic fibrosis, dental plaque, dialysis and liver inflammation, stomach disorders, and psoriasis. It is being used in preventative and palliative treatments with unmatched success.  There is nothing else that can boast all of these attributes.  Whey protein is an excellent meal replacement.  Not everyone eats balanced meals and a lot of times protein is lacking.  Whey protein makes up for that lost protein and adds amino acids.  Because of its amazing qualities, convenience (a powder form that can be mixed with water anywhere) and the fact that it is 100% natural, whey protein should be made a staple in your diet.

Vitamin D   Vitamin D is an essential vitamin/mineral.  It is absorbed by the skin when open to the sun’s radiation.  The sun is the most abundant natural resource of Vitamin D.  The heightened awareness of skin cancer has caused a drop in obtaining Vitamin D from the sun.  More people, especially children, have shown a Vitamin D deficiency.  It is the number one deficiency in society today.  The importance of Vitamin D cannot be stressed enough – at all stages of life, but especially as older age approaches.  Even those elderly folk retiring in sunny spots, spending their days lounging in the sun, are lacking in Vitamin D.  As you age, the cholesterol levels of the skin drop.  This drops the metabolizing of vitamin D.  It is a natural occurrence and more time in the sun won’t help.  Vitamin D must be supplemented to help maintain the vitamin D levels that are so important in bone health.  Bone health is only one of the areas that Vitamin D effects.  Vitamin D has been show to decrease the risk of falls in the elderly, reduced bone fractures, decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer risk decreased, blood pressure lowered, aids in fat loss for the overweight, decreases mortality rate, helps diabetics improve their insulin secretion as well as lowering the risk for people who may otherwise get diabetes, improves insulin sensitivity, increases lean mass and can even increase testosterone.  It touches on so many areas of your total body health that it needs to be an essential part of your daily supplementation.  There is an increase in vitamin D deficiency for people groups other than children and elderly.  People who take medications that are anti-convulsive, anti-seizure, hormone blocking and steroids are having their Vitamin D absorption blocked.  People who use alcohol frequently or that smoke daily are also depleting their Vitamin D supply.  Those who have had gastric by-pass surgery, vegans or those who suffer from anorexia, bulimia or cystic fibrosis are all missing out on the absorption of Vitamin D.  For all these different groups, Vitamin D supplementation is not an option but must be done.  Even if you are not in one of these categories, you are most likely not getting an optimal level of vitamin D.  The benefits of Vitamin D outweigh any excuse not to take it.  This is a must have in everyone’s diet.

Omega 3  As more research and more studies are completed in regards to Omega 3 fatty acids, one thing remains constant – they are essential to good health and boast some amazing benefits.  There are 3 different Omega branches – 3, 6 and 9.  Omega 6 and 9 are easily found in most foods and usually are in excess in the average diet.  Omega 3’s are a lot harder to come by and severely lacking in the average diet.  Fish oil is the most common and readily available supplement of Omega 3.  The benefits of Omega 3 are still being researched but what has been proven so far is incredible.  Omega 3 can decrease triglycerides (which are directly linked to obesity), fight depression, reduces ADHD symptoms in children (which is at an incredibly high level presently), decreases blood pressure, reduces inflammation, some cortisol reduction, reduces symptoms of depression in those with bipolar disorder, improves blood flow, decrease in muscle soreness, decrease in aggression, decrease in anxiety, increased cerebral blood flow, increase in cerebral oxygenation, reduces cognitive decline, decrease in liver fat, decrease in lymphocyte count in overweight individuals, reduced stress, improvement in memory and attention spans and an increase in fat oxidation.  That is one powerful supplement.  It has a reputation as something that the older population uses but as you can see, its amazing effects are not bound by age.  This is an excellent preventative supplement that no diet should be without.

Taking these three supplements is the smartest thing a person interested in improving the quality and duration of their life.  All provide unique supplementation to areas the average person is lacking terribly.  All three fill in the gaps that modern food and hectic schedules have left behind.  Overall health improvement is guaranteed with these three supplements.