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The Best Natural Testosterone Boosters

Research from some of the most well respected medical institutions have hinted at serious health complications from pharmaceutical grade testosterone [...]

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Manly skincare

Sweat is a part of your day – you train hard and getting sweaty and stinky is part of the deal.  Then, hopefully, you shower.  This constant stream [...]

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supplements to reduce inflammation
Best Supplements to Reduce Chronic Inflammation

Some people associate inflammation with infection.  This is not the case.  Inflammation is the result of the body fighting this infection.  Infection [...]

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homeopathic remedies
Homeopathic Medicine – why the hate?

It used to be that anything homeopathic was associated with hippies and charlatans.  The tonics peddled on the streets and plant-based medicines were [...]

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supplements for insulin sensitivity
Best Supplements to Increase Insulin Sensitivity and Prevent Diabetes

Those who are struck with Diabetes, especially later in life, are just as surprised as anyone with the diagnosis.  Type 2 Diabetes is a game changer [...]

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charcoal cleanse
Charcoal – Effective for cleansing?

One of the newest products or ideas in the world of supplements is activated charcoal.  Activated charcoal has long been used in Emergency Rooms across [...]

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Best time to take supplements
3 Supplements You Should Never Stop Taking

Supplements are often used on an as needed basis.  For instance, someone may have issues with dry and peeling nails.  They may take vitamin E for [...]

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What Are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants have been brought to the forefront of supplementation.  Their unique properties, especially when found in natural sources, are helping [...]

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Vitamin D for Bigger, Stronger Bones

The average person hears the phrase “bone density” and immediately associates it with the “old” or elderly people.  Although, the elderly are [...]

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What’s The Scoop on DMAA?

DMAA is one of those substances that many people want, even though red flags have been thrown.  In the past, it has been deemed illegal to be sold [...]

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The 3 Best Bodybuilding Sleep Supplements

Let’s face it.  The world we live in is moving at an incredible rate.  People work longer and harder at almost every facet of their lives.  Work [...]

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Colostrum Hoopla Banned

In 2014, the MLB and USADA (the US Anti -Doping Agency) banned colostrum.  The reasoning at first was thought to be that it was harmful or dangerous.  [...]

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time probiotic supplements
Timing Probiotic Supplement Intake

With a lot of supplements on the market, the time of day you take them does not make a whole lot of difference.  Some do require or suggest taking [...]

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whey vs casein
Personalize your Protein Powder

It’s easy to say which protein powder is the best, many make that claim, and some deserve to.  Individuality, unfortunately is often lost in the [...]

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benefits of probiotic
Health benefits of Probiotic Supplements

Staying healthy isn’t just about training and working out.  Eating right and getting enough sleep have a lot to do with overall health.  Sometimes, [...]

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What to look for when buying your next Protein supplement

You, along with all other consumers, have been relying on reading the labels that show a certain percentage of what is in your protein powder.  You [...]

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Bodybuilding Supplement Effects: Do They Really Work?

This is a tough question to answer.  There are so many factors involved in this that neither yes nor no is the right or wrong answer.  Confusing as [...]

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womens stacks
Women’s Workout: Stacking Supplements

After hearing about the benefits of nutritional supplements, you might want to jump on the bandwagon.  Who wouldn’t?  Nutritional supplements can [...]

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Supplement Guide for Beginners

Beginning a new stage in life, like getting healthy and fit, is a big step.  Add to that all the new equipment, regimens and diets and it can get a [...]

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broke-man-supplements guide
The Broke Man’s Supplements Guide!

If you have decided to invest your time in being fit, there are a lot of things that can begin to pile up as far as cost.  Being dedicated to your [...]

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mass gainer - fat or muscle
Does Weight Gainer Supplements Build Muscle of Make You Fat?

A lot of people want to get huge, gain muscle mass and get lean at the same time.  This is almost theoretically impossible.  To get bigger and gain [...]

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best type of fat burner
What are the best types of fat burners?

With the amount of research and testing and desire for a miracle fat burning pill, it has now surpassed the fountain-of-youth as the number one quest [...]

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benefits of multivitamin
The Health Benefits of Multivitamin Supplements

Multivitamins have come a long way in the past decade. The general feeling of multivitamins has long been that you just take them and all is well. Feeling [...]

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Vitamin D benefits
Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin D

Time after time, studies pop up that cause public and news media frenzy.  The claim of definitive results is the basis for either a boost or drop in [...]

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muscle building supplements
4 Must Have Supplements for Bodybuilding

In the quest for a killer physique, people will try just about anything.  This can be a very bad thing.  Supplements and vitamins are the newest wave [...]

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difference between all protein
Protein – Not All Are Created Equal

Protein is the big buzz word in the training world.  It doesn’t matter what kind of athlete you are or the training you do, you need protein.  Even [...]

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supplements you should always take
6 Supplements You Should Never Stop Taking

You go to the gym.  You train hard.  You eat healthy.  You get enough sleep.  You stay hydrated.  You do everything you can to increase your muscle [...]

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supplements for bodybuilding
Bodybuilding Supplements to Take for Mass

Building muscle and bulking up isn’t just about how many reps you can do or how much iron you can pump.  Those things, obviously, play a role.  [...]

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Maximize weight loss with L-Arginine

More and more people are turning to supplements to help with their health goals.  L-Arginine is not a new supplement, as it was isolated back in 1886, [...]

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rewards of creatine
The Rewards and Risks of Creatine

In everything we do in life, there are potential risks and potential rewards.  However, something as simple as taking a supplement to better yourself, [...]

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Bigger is Better: MusclePharm’s new protein bars in Arnold Series

It seems like MusclePharm are coming out with new supplements every other week lately. From their new upcoming Hardcore Series and energy drinks, they [...]

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What are The Best CLA Supplements on the Market?

CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is a relatively new supplement that more and more people are turning to in their effort to lose fat and gain lean muscle.  [...]

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AST Sports Science come out with new and best value BCAA supplement

It was during December 2014 that AST Sports Science announced they were coming out with a brand new protein powder. Just like MuscleMeds, they have [...]

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creatine monohydrate cycle
When to Take Creatine

There are so many different opinions on when to take Creatine.  Log onto any health related website or weightlifting and/or bodybuilding website and [...]

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Cytosport rebrand
Cytosport rebranding and more!

We just got news from Cytosport about their complete rebrand and perhaps more than just a new look! Their Monster Series is getting a whole new makeover [...]

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creatine + caffeine mixed together
Can you mix Creatine and Caffeine together?

As supplemental debates go, this is a very common dispute.  The issue probably never would have been brought up if it hadn’t been for a study conducted [...]

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4Dimension Nutrition new pre-workout
4 Dimension Nutrition finally entering the pre-workout market

4 Dimension Nutrition have now been established for some time with pretty high quality supplements and good prices. We know this brand well for their [...]

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best supplement to build mass
What Are The Best Supplements To Build Muscle?

Scroll through the internet and you will find dozens of articles listing the best muscle building supplements.  Some are backed by facts.  Some are [...]

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hydroxycut hardcore next gen
Close details on New Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen ingredients

Two weeks ago, we announced you that MuscleTech were coming out with a new fat burner supplement to replace the old Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite fat [...]

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Unlock Your Health Goals with Supplementation

So you’ve decided to get healthy.  You have started working out.  You are eating right.  You are getting enough sleep.  These are all great ways [...]

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USPLabs announces new protein powder: Modern Protein!

USPLabs have announced they will once again add a new supplement to the competitive market of protein powder. After a busy year, notably from launching [...]

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safe to consume expired protein
Is it safe to consume expired protein?

The most common response to asking if anything expired is okay to eat or does it go bad is decidedly a rolling of the eyes with a “Yes, duh” type [...]

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nutrabolics rebrand
Nutrabolics new logo as part of complete rebranding

It seems that almost all supplement companies are currently undergoing a complete makeover. And Nutrabolics is another company currently engaging in [...]

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The Truth about Creatine and “Bloating”

Creatine has proven its worth for years and the only negative thing related to it comes from ill-informed people who have not used it, studied it or [...]

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MuscleTech mystery supplement micellar whey
MuscleTech reveals another new mystery supplement

MuscleTech had announced previously the upcoming Phosphamuscle supplement to be added to their current line with the addition of the new Hydroxycut [...]

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Best time to take supplements
When is the best time to take vitamins and supplements?

Watching what you eat, exercising and getting enough sleep are the most important things you can do for your body.  Sometimes, no matter how much we [...]

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New velocity 3.0
Neogenix reveal mystery supplement: Velocity 3.0

Last month, Neogenix previewed a mystery supplement teasing us with only a blurred image of the bottle. We had no information pertaining to this new [...]

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is grass fed whey worth it
Is Organic Grass Fed Whey Protein Really Worth it?

In today’s world there are Vegans and Vegetarians and Paleo eaters.  There are people who will only eat organic and the die-hard omnivores, who are [...]

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gaspari nova-x
Nova-X confirmed as new Gaspari Nutrition’s test booster

Today, Gaspari Nutrition announced what their new testosterone booster is going to look like and be titled from what they had announced a little over [...]

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fast vs slow proteins
Fast vs Slow Absorbing Proteins

When you hear people talk about fast and slow proteins, what the “fast and slow” is referring to is the absorption rate, or how quickly it gets [...]

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Hyroxycut Hardcore Next Generation to Join MuscleTech Performance Series

Last week, MuscleTech have made claims of a game changing, new generation fat burner with their new Hydroxycut supplement titled Hydroxycut Hardcore. [...]

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types of creatine
Types of Creatine: Which Type is Best?

So you have read the articles, heard the benefits of creatine and now you have decided to make creatine a part of your training regime.  The problem [...]

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Cobra Labs new Crystal-X pre-workout
Cobra Lab’s new pre-workout titled Crystal-X

Cobra Labs have announced a new supplement which will be added to their other pre-workout: The Curse. This new supplement is another pre-workout which [...]

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Is whey protein safe?

What does a 250lb body builder and a newborn baby have in common?  They can both safely drink and benefit from whey protein. Whey protein is one of [...]

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new muscle tech supplement
New innovative supplement by MuscleTech – Phosphamuscle

When MusceTech announced their “Clear Muscle” supplement, the world was eager to see what they had for us by developing  this new supplement [...]

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Stop Taking Creatine
What Happens When You Stop Taking Creatine

You have been working out hard, eating right and taking creatine powder.  Looking in the mirror, the results of all your work shows.  Your body has [...]

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ans perforamnce amino-hp ingredients
Upcoming Amino Acids Supplement for ANS Performance

ANS Performance have announced a new amino acids supplement called Amino HP. They have once again set the bar high for an amino acids product with some [...]

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muscle building supplements
How To Take Creatine

Now that you have decided to add Creatine to your training regime, you may be wondering how to take it properly. There is no one set in stone way to [...]

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muscle pharm gainz highlights
MusclePharm Harcode Series Gainz Highlights

Earlier this week, we analyzed MusclePharm’s new pre-workout Wreckage. Now, it’s time to see what MusclePharm have for us in their all new [...]

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whey vs casein
Whey Protein vs Casein Protein: Which is better?

Supplements are as much a part of weightlifting and body building as the weights are. Just as in what kind of workouts are effective, what is proper [...]

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iSatori upcoming CLA supplement more than just plain CLA

Recently, iSatori have been a big subject of discussion with their huge rebranding of their whole line of supplements. They have also launched two new [...]

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creatine powder
Should You Take Creatine While Cutting?

Creatine is probably one of the most widely used supplements in the weight lifting world.  If you have been using creatine then you have seen the results [...]

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MusclePharm Wreckage – the best on the market so far?

MusclePharm’s new pre-workout Wreckage from their all new hardcore series is likely to live up to its name by inducing a real wreckage once consumed. [...]

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Best time to take supplements
Best supplements to burn belly fat fast

Although fat loss is relatively straightforward – just eat less and move more – stubborn fat is unfortunately not the same. The fat on your belly, [...]

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scivation xtend bcaa new look
Scivation finally confirm complete makeover of Xtend BCAAs

Over the last few weeks, Scivation has released some bit of information about recent developments. After announcing the new Xtend Go, a BCAA + Energy [...]

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is whey protein dangerous
Is whey protein dangerous?

It seems like whey protein has been debated to death with  so much unsubstantiated reporting and opinions leading to unnecessary confusion. Let’s [...]

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Applied Nutraceuticals NOvate
Applied Nutraceuticals tablet pre-workout NOvate

A few weeks ago, Applied Nutraceuticals unveiled their new Innovative Series from which there is one supplement that separates itself from the rest. [...]

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how to mix creatine powder
How should you mix your creatine powder? Cold water, warm water, juice…?

A lot of people who use creatine powdered supplement probably do not think much about what to mix it with.  Some will ask other creatine users and [...]

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MusclePharm Hardcore Series
Hardcore Series by MusclePharm unveil Wreckage, Diesel and Gainz

Recently. we announced that MusclePharm was releasing a new line of supplements called Hardcore Series. If you missed the news  you can catch up by [...]

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creatine monohydrate cycle
Is creatine safe or should you cycle it?

Talk to any bodybuilder or weightlifter about supplements and they will tell you about their schedule of loading and cycling and all the other things [...]

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Kevin Levrone Supplements
New line of supplements from the legend: Kevin Levrone!

After Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Phil Heath and Arnold Schwarzenegger, now is another great bodybuilder to come out with his own signature series supplement [...]

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whey protein for weight loss
Whey Protein Supplementation for Weight Loss

In the course of getting into top notch shape, a lot of people add whey protein shakes to their training routine.  These shakes add much needed protein [...]

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six star pro nutrition new look
Six Star Pro Nutrition Complete Rebrand

A few days ago, Six Star Pro Nutrition started teasing about something big that was going to happen to the brand. We initially thought they would come [...]

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Do you need protein powder to build muscle?

Walking into a gym today it seems everyone is drinking down some sort of mixture in the attempt to become as strong, big muscled and chiseled as they [...]

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MHP platinum pro whey isolate
MHP’s upcoming protein powder called Pro Platinum 100% Whey Isolate

We have seen a lot of new supplements from MHP lately and have now put our hands on another new supplements that they will release soon. After the T-Bomb [...]

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Is Creatine For Women Too?

Browsing through the internet or your local GNC, it can be very confusing to choose a supplement – especially for women.  Most supplemental products [...]

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Scitec Nutrition announces new line of supplements: The Head Crusher Series

At the end of 2014, Scitec Nutrition announced a new MMA inspired line of supplements called Head Crusher.  So far, we only knew that the brand wants [...]

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Best time to take whey protein
Best Time To Take Whey Protein Powder

Some people like to take their whey protein just before a workout, some prefer it after – some take it in the morning, some at night.  It seems getting [...]

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Hemavo2 MAX by Iforce Nutrition
iForce Nutrition Hemavo2 Max out in 2 weeks!

We, along with other pump fanatics, have been waiting eagerly for the launch of IForce’s new pre-workout supplement “Hemavo2 Max”. [...]

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how much creatine should i take
How Much Creatine Should You Take Daily?

Once you’ve decided to begin taking creatine, it is important to use the correct dosage.  This may not be as easy as it sounds.  There are a few [...]

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kaged muscle
Kaged Muscle, Kris Gethin’s own researched supplement line!

Recently,’s exclusive Kaged Muscle supplement line by Kris Gethin launched 5 supplements from this new brand. Kris Gethin, if [...]

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can whey protein make you fat
Can Whey Protein Make You Fat?

When it comes to powdered supplements, one of the biggest concerns (especially for women) is the issue of fat.  With the promise of gained muscle mass [...]

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.50 calibre killa cola flavor
Grenade’s New .50 Calibre Flavor: Killa Cola

We just learned some great news from Grenade about a new flavor coming to one of their pre-workouts, the well-known .50 Calibre. This would take the [...]

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Stimulant-Free pre-workout
Benefits of Stimulant-Free Pre-Workouts

Have you ever thought about the benefits of a workout without stimulants? It’s not a question that you hear too often if at all. However, the benefits [...]

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MusclePharm announces new Hardcore Series line of supplements

Friday afternoon, the supplement giant MusclePharm announced a new line of supplements that will be called the “Hardcore Series”.  They [...]

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iSatori launches their new Pre-Gro pre-workout!

Early January, iSatori had two major announcements regarding their all new pre and post-workout supplements, Pre-Gro and Hyper-Gro. They had already [...]

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How to maximize your workout with pre-workout supplements

What you do pre-workout is important but it is a good idea to ensure you fit your pre-workout routine to your requirements. That means you need to consider [...]

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Gold Standard Pre-Workout from Optimum Nutrition is Here!

Optimum Nutrition has recently released a highly anticipated new pre-workout on the shelves. The brand’s had come out a while back with their [...]

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protein powder
How Much Protein Should You Take At Once?

As a result of certain studies[1,2], we have seen countless articles posted on the Internet recommending that it isn’t worth eating more than 20 -30g [...]

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PrimeNutrition MAX-HP
Prime Nutrition’s Platinum Series new Max-HP

Prime Nutrition, a relatively new but breakout brand of 2014, has finally came out with their new platinum series pre-workout: Max-HP. It was back at [...]

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protein to burn belly fat
Eat More Protein to Burn Belly Fat Faster

With so many dietary methods available to us these days there seems to be a large emphasis on what we shouldn’t be eating, but what if we were [...]

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Quest Nutrition’s New Supplement! Quest Protein Powder!

Finally, Quest Nutrition have decided to merge away from protein bars to protein powder! Quest Nutrition’s teasers have finally built up to reveal [...]

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All new whey protein Animal Whey

Animal have finally come out with their all new whey protein supplement titled Animal Whey. The brand is now ready to direct itself in the whey protein [...]

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Bpi Sports Iso HD
BPI Sports new ISO HD isolate protein

If you’ve been waiting for BPI Sports ISO HD new isolate whey protein, now is your chance to get it! BPI Sports unveiled their new ISO HD back [...]

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Why You Should Take BCAA

Branched-chain amino acids or BCAA are quickly becoming one of the most popular supplements in the fields of sports and bodybuilding, and for very good [...]

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ai sports nutrition probiotic powder
AI Sports Nutrition’s all new probiotic powder

AI Sports Nutrition have just come out with another amazing product. Like their other products, the name is pretty straight forward and goes like this: [...]

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Cellucor C4 50x news
Cellucor C4 50x all new pre-workout

Cellucor is going all out with their C4 Series products release. Among them is a new pre-workout coming out called C4 50x. Cellucor hasn’t released [...]

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Truth behind creatine
Is Creatine Really Worth It?

Creatine supplements are no doubt one of the most discussed and argued about topics in the world of fitness. Being the most popular supplement in the [...]

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ProSupps Fenumass
ProSupps FenuMass testosterone booster

ProSupps announced today that they will have a new testosterone booster coming out on the market called FenuMass. Just as the name implies, the supplement’s [...]

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MuscleTech Anarchy
MuscleTech Anarchy’s all new pre-workout

MuscleTech announced a brand new, unique formulated pre-workout supplement to come out soon combining researched dosage of patented [...]

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Ways to save money on supplements
4 Ways to Save Money on Vitamins and Supplements

With projected revenue of $60 billion dollars in 2021, the industry of supplements is one of the fastest growing industry on the planet. With hundreds [...]

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